2/15/19 Hospital Stay

We have so much to be thankful for as we enter the second month of Ev having freedom from her central line. She has had the opportunity to swim twice since it was removed and has maintained her weight beautifully, beyond our expectations! Despite two rounds of antibiotics due to strep throat she seemed to sail through almost anything. Dr Mercer maintained a cautiously optimistic attitude at her appointment this week, saying as time passes we can let ourselves relax, but for now we still don’t exactly know what caused her gut issues in the first place. Her guts are still being tried. So, we have anxiously awaited the time that she would contract her first real test on her gut…and it seems to have arrived this week.

She started with a cold at the end of last week, slowly dragging her into its grips of congestion with sneezes and coughs, but, although she had minor blahs at the beginning of the week, she seemed to be recovering. As the week has progressed, the second, all-too-familiar phase of her body’s reaction to illnesses has set in…slow dehydration. Over the last couple of days, her rate of her feeding pump was turned down and she was switched to only Pedialyte through her g-tube, while her stool output increased and she slowly became drained.

Early this afternoon, we finally brought her into the hospital to help her catch back up. She was admitted to the ICU floor due to bed shortages on the regular floor. As it turns out, it was for the best, for after numerous attempts with IV specialists and ultrasound, they were unable to get a regular peripheral IV in; however, they did draw enough blood to see that she is dehydrated enough that they feel she definitely needs a means to get fluids in, as well as check her hydration status going forward. So, she is in Intervention Radiology to get a new central line placed and will spend the night in the ICU.

Meanwhile she is our trooper, ever in relatively good spirits, miffing the doctors with her stable demeanor, while her blood yet tells another story. Oh, Ev!

Please remember us here, that God will continue to guide all things.