8 Weeks Out 11/30/18

Well, a lot has happened in the last month for Evelyn! She has made great progress tolerating her g-tube feeds. With two steps forward most weeks and a few pauses here and there, she has slowly worked up to about half of what she will need per day and is gradually tapering off of her IV nutrients. She had a slight set-back over the Thanksgiving weekend, but we figured it was a small blip in the radar and things would soon be on their way again, which was true. We found at her Wednesday appointment this week that her j-tube had backtracked itself into her stomach area and was no longer feeding into the small intestine, and since she seems to be tolerating the food in her stomach, the g-j-tube can now be replaced by just a g-tube.

We wish we could end this post on a positive note (so sorry to wait until disaster strikes all the time!) However, Evelyn did start to run a fever two nights ago and was admitted to Nebraska Medical Center last night. Today, blood cultures have grown back indicating a blood infection with several bugs growing, one of which is Candida (Yeast again!). So, the line must be pulled. They hope to get through the weekend with just peripheral IVs and put a new line in at the beginning of next week. Meanwhile, she is comfortable and stable; we feel we caught the infection quickly, so she is not as critically septic as the last few times, and having a semi-functioning stomach has also helped to reduce how much fluids we need to run through the line, minimizing her side effects.

Please remember us in your prayers as we endeavor to take each hour as it comes. We can certainly believe God has His hand in all things for us and do not doubt that He will continue to care for His children. Thank you for all.

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