August 13th

Since the last post in July, Evee’s J-Tube site reopened completely and her GI motility has been an issue causing her to have a lot of drainage out of her J-tube site. Over the past few weeks, she started losing weight and had trouble maintaining her electrolyte levels. By Monday, it had progressed beyond the point that we could handle at home, so she was admitted to the University of Minnesota Children’s Hospital. They were able to stabilize her electrolytes and restart her on TPN to allow her to have a gut rest. We’re hopeful that the j-tube site will close again and heal up for good this time. She was able to come home this evening and is feeling well after getting the calories and nutrition she needs. As disappointing as it is to need TPN again, it’s also a relief after many roller-coaster days of trying to keep her guts moving.

We pray that God will continue to lead and guide in her medical care. Continue to remember us here.