Ev to the ER…x 2

(10/19/17) We’ve had a busy week with Evee, as she had a severe bout of pink-eye (that doesn’t seem too contagious…yet) that has cleared up significantly after starting antibiotic drops with steroids in them. Then, Tuesday night/Wednesday morning (4am) she starting running a fever so we brought her to the ER. It got up to 104.7 in the ER but came down with IV Tylenol to around 100. She was sent home after blood cultures were done & a dose of antibiotics was given, since her labs looked “okay.” At this point I felt things could go either way, viral or bacterial, so we kept up with Tylenol and as the day wore on yesterday she began to perk up. Her last dose of Tylenol was at 8 pm last night and she woke up without a fever this morning, so I really started to believe maybe it was the bug the little girls had last week. So, I was much surprised when the ER called around 10:30 this morning to say she has a line infection! So we headed back in today to get treated and hopefully this will be a quick stay since she is already doing so much better!

We do have a bit of good news though; we’ve finally received insurance approval to have yet another MRI done, since the rheumatologist in Seattle was not satisfied with the quality of the other images. Her bone scan of her leg & foot does certainly show something is going on, but doesn’t really tell the nature of what it is. So, Monday the 23rd she is scheduled to be under sedation & hopefully these images will be more successful. I will try to keep everyone updated as I can! Thanks for continuing to remember us in prayer.

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