February 5, 2020

Evelyn was directly admitted to the hospital this morning. Since the procedure on Monday she has battled with pain and has has not bounced back as expected. She ran a low grade fever last night and is retaining fluids throughout her body. Most of her pain has been due to pressure and distention that seems to only worsen. The doctors expected her to have some discomfort around the j-tube insertion site, but ongoing pain had them concerned.

This afternoon, she had a CT scan done that showed pockets of what looks like air in her abdominal cavity, this has them concerned. Doctors are wondering about a perforation somewhere in her bowel, but can’t be sure until a drain is placed and we narrow down where it’s coming from. It is such a relief to know why she is hurting so bad and we are praying God’s will be done, that she can find relief from the pain soon.

They plan to do a procedure this evening to place a drain into the cavity and to check the J tube that was placed. She is also starting antibiotics to try to keep ahead of infection. The doctor is hoping that if there is a perforation that her bowel can heal on its own. Time will tell.

Please remember us here, that God will give strength for each moment and decision ahead.