February 6, 2020

Evelyn is feeling a bit more relieved pressure-wise, for which we are grateful. The tube continues to drain. Her two insertion sites (j-tube and drain) are most of her complaints now, but the pain is managed well. The culture of the fluid sent last night came back with bacteria and yeast, so they will be adding in an antifungal med along with the antibiotic. They are pretty confident the fluid is gut content, so she most likely has a perforation somewhere along her intestine. Because she ran a fever and her blood counts look suspect, they are wondering if she might have been on the brink of a systemic infection, so they are leaning towards treating her with medicine for a full two weeks. Her line will also be cultured to make sure it remains uncontaminated. Time will tell if we ever find an answer to why and when this happened, but we’re hoping her gut can heal on its own, with best case scenario being that she has the drain removed in a couple weeks. Doctor says to expect to stay inpatient at least until Monday to get a feel for how serious the perforation is.

Thank you to all for the continued love, prayers and words of encouragement. This little hiccup has reminded us yet again how little strength we really have of our own. May God continue to guide and be our strength and stay.