Jan. 1st, 2019

Things are going well for Ev! We have finally met the 12-week milestone since surgery, and it seems surreal to absorb how fast time has flown. Evee has been feeling pretty good! Within the last few weeks, she has slowly weaned off more & more IV nutrition, transitioning to simple IV fluids and tapering to less & less need until finally now, she hasn’t needed IV fluids for the past week! She is tolerating her formula/electrolytes by gtube very well, but while we continue this transition, she still has restrained from eating too much by mouth; she is mostly limited to bland and easy-to-digest foods. We are optimistic and hopeful that she will eventually be able to eat more orally, but more importantly for now we are trying to rely less on her central IV and work toward removing it for good… For good… It feels hard to say this, since she has really relied on one most of her life… And so, as we slowly begin to cautiously rejoice in her progress, we are grateful for the steps forward that she has made. Please continue to remember our family here in Omaha, as we make these small, little steps toward a happy & healthy Evee!