May 13, 2019 Update

It has been quite awhile since we have updated on Miss Ev, mostly because there hasn’t been much to report, other than the slow progress uphill from her illness in February & March. It took her many, many weeks to get to a point where she could begin tube feedings into her stomach, and once this was started, it was still very slow advancement. It took us about a month to get 1/3 of her total needs comfortably settled into her gut routine, but then recently she got sick again with a significant cold virus that had her back to square-one again. So, for now, she continues to get full TPN and will not have formula through the g-tube until we see good signs that she is maintaining her electrolytes well. It doesn’t seem surprising that Ev’s old ways are still with us & we have fallen into an accepting routine that is familiar. We even took a trip to the East Coast in April for a quick weekend trip and it thankfully went very well!

Unfortunately, Ev took a turn for the worst. She started feeling icky early yesterday morning and ran a fever throughout the day yesterday, despite ibuprofen & Tylenol. She was admitted to the hospital and today, blood cultures are positive for a bacteria; it is yet too soon to tell which specific bacteria it is and if it will clear the central line with antibiotics. We will attempt to treat her line with antibiotics for now.

Remember us here, that God will continue to guide and give strength.