Procedure Day Tomorrow

Evee has done relatively well through this past fall and winter, even weathered Covid-19 with the rest of the family during Thanksgiving. She is back to square one, in Evelyn-terms, and we’re so grateful it was actually one of the easier storms to get through!

That said, she does have one little conundrum that doesn’t seem to want to heal, and that is her j-tube site that we opened about a year ago. As a reminder, an access point (fistula) was created in her abdomen to see if we could feed her through a new tube by bypassing the upper part of her small intestine and this would perhaps allow her to come off of IV nutrition dependency more effectively than through her g-tube (in her stomach). Unfortunately, her j-site became very inflamed and irritated from any catheter or tube we tried, so we opted last summer to take it out and hope that the hole would heal closed. For the most part, it did, but she continues to this day to have intermittent stooling and weeping from the site, as if it has sections inside that are not healing completely.

So, sometime in October, we began the process of getting her scheduled to have it surgically closed. After our Covid bout and regrouping with the surgeon, we are finally planning tomorrow (Wed 2/17/21) to have it done. They hope to bore a hole down to the abdominal wall and stitch it shut there and allow it to heal from the inside out.

We’re hopeful it will be a quick, straight-forward procedure. Please remember us in your prayers that all will be done as God wills. Thank you for continuing to think of us here.

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