Seattle Bound 10/25

Evelyn continues to run 102 fevers despite ibuprofen & Tylenol. Her pain has spiked, especially after the aspiration this morning. Preliminary results from the aspiration show a possible infection, so the fluid was sent for culture. It is still very difficult to say what is going on in her leg. The all-around conviction is that this central line needs pulled. The doctors feel that our best bet for treating this infection with its complexity and variables, along with the fact that she will need a new line placed some time down the road, means we should probably be in Seattle. They have Pediatric Infectious Disease, Pediatric Orthopedics, Etc; a very diverse and specialized unit that can hopefully get a plan in place for recovery. There is talk about possible cleaning of the joints to remove the fluid if it is infected, but they are leaving that up to the Seattle team. Life Flight is here now to take her & Kevin by airplane. She is comfortable with strong pain meds & her fever has decreased for the time being. Hoping for a smooth ride over this Evergreen state! Remember us.

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