Seattle Trip

So! An update finally on the status of Evelyn’s surgery in Omaha, but it may not be what we all were expecting.

As many may know, back in May, Evelyn’s right ankle began to give her grief, to a point where we went to numerous doctor appointments, ER visits, x-rays and even an MRI to pinpoint the reason for her pain. Nothing was at all definitive and we were left thinking that she may have a pain syndrome that is causing her nervous system to not work right. Since then, her ankle has had times that are better, but just recently it has flared up again and the pain and swelling is now in her knee as well.

We took a trip today (9/28/17) to Seattle Children’s to visit with the Pain Specialist about Evee’s pain to learn techniques to help her cope. However, the Specialist who saw her was somewhat concerned because not all of the symptoms Ev is presenting with necessarily go with the pain syndrome they were thinking. They quickly added on labs and an X-ray of her foot and knee, as well as a visit with a rheumatologist. The rheumatologist was ever gracious and stayed after hours to see her! Between the labs and the rheumatologist’s exam they cannot be sure that it isn’t an infection, but the impression we were left with is it most likely is not an arthritis nor the pain syndrome as they had first thought.

So, for now, until we rule out infection, we will most likely need to wait on her intestinal surgery. Omaha is working with insurance still to figure out paperwork before we can schedule; now we can see very clearly why God has delayed her surgery! For now, we must be patient and hope and pray that God will reveal what is next for little Ev, in His time.

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