Surgery Went Well

Evelyn is now in recovery and all went well. Dr Mercer said he theorizes that while placing the j-tube a week ago, the first poke into the space may have over shot, allowing a small leakage into the back area of her abdomen. The drain that was placed was not effective for the area, so she now has a new, longer drain that will flush out any leftover saline that may be left. He placed contrast up and down the inside of her bowel and manipulated it to make sure the leak is gone. He was unable to find anywhere that continues to leak, so it seems that any perforation that was present is healed. This is a huge relief! He also determined that the j-tube balloon was also likely causing obstruction, so he removed it and replaced it with a tiny tube that has no balloon and is stitched down on the outside.

In the end, he was glad that we went ahead with this surgery, as the leakage would likely have been a long uphill climb to recovery and her j-tube is fit custom for her.

She will most likely need rest for 7-10 days to recover in the hospital. We’re so thankful to have answers and grateful for the love, thoughts and prayers on our behalf.